HyperSension - A great team within Smart Health

Datek AS are the project owner on the HyperSension project. The project consists of Sintef, OUS (Oslo University Hospital), Sandefjord Health Park and Informasjonskontroll AS.


Sintef is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations. Every year we carry out several thousand projects for customers large and small. We have for more than 60 years, developed solutions and innovation for society and customers all over the world. This is how we have become a world-leading research institute.

Oslo University Hospital

Oslo University Hospital has some of the country's foremost research environments in medicine and health. The research is conducted in extensive cooperation with the University of Oslo, the college sector and other national and international partners. The research activity at the hospital is high, with about 2000 scientific articles in Norwegian and foreign research journals.

Informasjonskontroll AS

Informasjonskontroll was established in 1969 and we have since then delivered a large number of development projects to a variety of customers. Our skilled engineers have broad experience and high competence in software, hardware and embedded development. The last couple of years one of our main focuses have been to carry out IoT-projects that often includes sensortechnology.

Sandefjord Health Park

Sandefjord Helsepark is a health park consisting of private actors. It is a medical gathering center where customers meet multidisciplinary competence. A team with medical professionals working as general practitioner are established at Sandefjord Helsepark.

Datek AS

Datek is one of Norway’s leading providers of custom M2M and IoT for the corporate market. Our team has extensive experience with a range of solutions and product development in vertical business segments. From fleet management (trains, truck, buses and cars), tracking of objects, wireless street lighting, emergency lighting, “into plane” solutions at airports, solutions for smart buildings and smart homes.